Kuching Port Celebrated 44th Anniversary


On 4 April 2005, Kuching Port Authority celebrated its 44th anniversary. KPA’s Chairman, YB Awang Bemee Bin Haji Pengiran Ali Basah, accompanied by General Manager, Madam Liu Moi Fong and Assistant General Manager, Mr. Rosli Saup attended for the function. Others present included KPA’s Deputy Chairman, Mr. Kong Ping Kung, Board Members and senior staff of Kuching Port Authority. To commemorate the auspicious event, a total of 27 staff received certificates of excellence for the exemplary work in year 2002. To all the members of Kuching Port Authority, the 44th anniversary celebration is indeed a very meaningful. It took hard work and effort to achieve what we see today. Since its operation which first started in 1961, for over forty years now KPA never stops to develop. From a single wharf at Tanah Puteh with an annual capacity of 350,000 tonnes to Pending with an annual capacity of 2.9 million tonnes and now to Senari with an annual capacity of 7.0 million tonnes, KPA aims to doing better and giving better services to cutomers.

kpa1kpa2Historically, Kuching started the import and export activities at Ban Hock Wharf as early as 1948. In order to have port facilities for trading and economic advancement of the state, Kuching Port Authority (KPA) as set up at Tanah Puteh. It became the first organized port in Sarawak, serving the state and the people, and had grown tremendously over the past four decades. Officially establised on 4 April 1961, KPA began operation on 5 June 1961 at Tanah Puteh with a single wharf of 800 feet in length and storage space of 60,000 square feet. Towards the end of 1972, KPA assumed full control and operation of the Biawak Oil Jetty, which was mainly used by tug boats to carry petroleum products to the nearby Shell and Esso installations.

By 1975, with the completion of main facilities under the Port Expansion Project Pahse 1, it was declared open and commenced operation on 16 March 1975, named Datuk Sim Kheng Hong Wharf. Twelve years later, port expansion Project Phase II was completed. Thus, the Pending Terminal was declared open on 8 September 1988. In 1989, KPA launched its first computer system and became the first Malaysian Port Authority to have its container Tracking Systems accorded the MS ISO 9002 certification on 12 August 1998. On 24 November 1999, former Prime Minister of Malaysia, tun Datuk Patinggi Dr. Mahathir Mohamed declared open the Senari Terminal. The migration of container operation from the Pending Terminal to Senari Terminal was completed in June 2001.

On 27 April 2004, KPA e-Port Community system was launched, where KPA is extending its services electronically through the web. This service aimed to facilitate paperless documentation, thus improving the efficiency of the overall logistic supply chain; at the same time reducing operating cost. it plays a major role in improving efficiency, speed, productivity and effectiveness of the port business. On the other hand, the Marine Department of Malaysia had also certified KPA to be compliant with the International Ship & Port Seciruty (ISPS) Code with effect from 1 July 2004. This placed KPA on an international footing for all foreign vessels to have confidence in KPA’s security measures. It is also a testimony if KPA’s commitment to provide a secure and safe environment for all port users and creates a more comprehensive of threats.

Kuching Port Authority recorded tonnage of 7.1 million tonnes of cargo handled in year 2004 and the number is expected to escalate in 2005.

By: Kuching Port Authority

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