Langkawi port handles over 500,000 vehicles

THE Dermaga Tanjung Lembung (DTL) Port in Bukit Malut, Langkawi has handled 524,637 units of vehicles from the time it began operations in 1997 till July this year.

General Manager of Langkawi Port Sdn Bhd, Muhd Nasir Abdul Aziz said various vehicles had been handled at the port from cars to lorries and buses which were transported either to the island or mainland.

During the period, DTL also handled cargoes amounting to 2,796,811 metric tonnes and 8,331 units of containers.

Muhd Nasir said that for the first seven months of this year, cargo handled amounted to 152,273 metric tonnes, while the number of vehicles handled was 33,425 vehicles and containers 701.

Since Monday, DTL has also handled 1,200 cars with the “KV” plates taken to the mainland for use to transport workers returning to Langkawi to celebrate the Hari Raya Aidilfitri at their respective kampung.

DTL also plays an important role as a main gateway in driving development in the resort island of Langkawi, Muhd Nasir said in a statement today.

The port, which is managed by Langkawi Port, is the main port that handles the entry as well as loading of cargo into the island including that from Thailand and Singapore.

Muhd Nasir said DTL handled three areas, namely general cargo, vehicles and containers.

To facility easier access for ships to call at the port, DTL has also carried out works to deepen the harbour area. The works were completed last month, he said.

The port operator is also in the midst of upgrading its security systems at the port to ensure that all entry and exits at the port are recorded. – Bernama


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