PKA’s duty to transform Port Klang into major hub

THE Port Klang Authority (PKA), which now holds the roles of trade facilitator, regulator and landlord aims to turn Port Klang into a hub for national and regional traffic.

PKA, established as a statutory corporation in 1963, was the port operator before the privatisation of port services which started in 1986.

With the divestment of the operational facilities and services of the port to three distinct entities under three separate privatisation exercises, PKA’s core functions under the re-shaped role are trade facilitation, port planning and development, regulatory overview of privatised facilities and services, free zone authority and asset management.

PKA is also involved in port promotion to turn Port Klang into a major regional transshipment hub and to develop facilities to meet the objectives.

Among PKA’s initiatives were the development of the country’s first inland port, the Ipoh Cargo Terminal and the first distripark, the Port Klang Distribution Park (now known as Northport Distripark). PKA is also the free commercial zone authority and overseer of the port’s Vessel Traffic Management System.

In line with its objective of developing Port Klang as a regional hub, it has also set up a one-stop agency to facilitate the establishment of businesses that will generate cargo for the port.

PKA is the owner and developer of the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ), which is located on a 1,000 acre site in Pulau Indah.

PKFZ is the first free zone in the country to integrate industrial and commercial activities within the same area and is designed to facilitate the growth of regional distribution or international procurement centres.

PKA also has jurisdiction over the Port of Malacca at Tanjung Bruas. Its functions, powers, duties and jurisdiction was extended to Malacca Port in July 1983.

PKA board members consist of a chairman appointed by the King and ten directors (including the general manager), appointed by the Transport Minister.

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