What is Brunei Action Plan 2011-2015 (BAP)

ASEAN Strategic Transport Plan (ASTP) 2011 -2015, aka Brunei Action Plan (BAP) 2011-2015 is a successor to ASEAN Transport Action Plan (ATAP) which expired in 2010. “Brunei Action Plan” (BAP) was presented and adopted during the 16th ASEAN Transport Meeting in November 2010. It was discuss at the 21st Maritime Transport Working Group (MTWG), March 2011 at Kota Kinabalu for the first time.

BAP is one of the initiatives to provide reference in guiding ASEAN Transport Cooperation and integration in the next five years. It covers three main sectors land, air, and maritime transport, and transport facilitation.

BAP was formulated, prepared and submitted by Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) Study Team.

In the 21st ASEAN Maritime Transport Working Group Meeting (AMTWG), Malaysia was appointed as the lead country for MTG-2 MTA7 No.1 “FORMULATE TRAINING PROGRAM TO ENHANCE CAPABILITY OF PORT PERSONNEL BY 2012”.

With this appointment Malaysia has to come up with the best standardized training program that can be used by ASEAN ports as a guideline to their training program to enhance capability of port personnel.

In order to develop the program that suit the needs of, and compatible with the culture in ports of ASEAN, Malaysia, is seeking the cooperation of ASEAN member states, through the channel of the ASEAN Ports Association (APA) Malaysia, to provide feedback and share any useful information pertaining the existing reputable training program(s) for port personnel that the port has, or any information or documentation that the port feels necessary and significant to share among ASEAN member states.

Any information shared thought this survey page will be kept and used as reference by Malaysia for the purpose of project mentioned above. The developed training program then will be presented in the future ASEAN MTWG meeting; open for comments and will be adopted as official reference for ASEAN member states.

Thank you for your time in completing this survey. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

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